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I. A. Kradenykh, A. V. Barchukov Problem-oriented analysis of efficiency of gold mining enterprises in the Far East. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 211. p. 43.

Problem-oriented analysis of efficiency of gold mining enterprises in the Far East

I. A. Kradenykh A. V. Barchukov
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The subject of the article is the analysis of a current state and efficiency of economic activity of gold mining enterprises in the Far East engaged in development of gold-bearing placers.  The purpose of the article is research on the situation developing in modern gold mining, identification and systematization of factors influencing the efficiency of the enterprise activity. Methods of economic, system and strategic analysis and graphic modeling are used in this article. The following scientific results are received in the course of the research: the relations between criteria «cause-consequence» and «meanseffects» are established based on a graphic method, the hierarchy of institutional and organizational, economic, and scientific and technical problems is determined and presented in the form of a cause-and-effect chart of a «problem tree», which logically results in the creation of a «tree of goals». This approach allows structuring goals of the gold mining enterprises aimed at increasing their economic efficiency hierarchically.  The scope of the results received may contribute to elaboration of a number of measures on the development of the gold mining enterprises of the Far East region at the level of government or municipal institutions. The approaches and methods stated in the article can be used during the planning, forecast and assessment of economic efficiency of the enterprises. The results presented in the article allow further study into problems of forming effective management of the gold mining enterprises.

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