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A. N. Shulyupin Stability of productive well operation in a steam hydrothermal field. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 215. p. 57.

Stability of productive well operation in a steam hydrothermal field

A. N. Shulyupin
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A condition of well operation stability based on agreement of indicator characteristics of well and aquifer throughput capacity is considered. Two hypotheses of the stability state are examined: with one and two possible combinations of characteristics. It is shown that taking into account resistance between the wellhead and the environment with constant pressure helps explain all the features of wellhead pressure and flow-rate relationship of steam-water wells based on the hypothesis with one combination (when the operating point is located on the ascending branch of a well characteristic). The throttling effect on the wellhead which was used in the development of the Mutnovka steam hydrothermal field in order to stabilize the well operation is explained.

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