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T. N. Aleksandrova Key directions in processing carbonaceous rocks. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 220. p. 568. DOI: 10.18454/pmi.2016.4.568

Key directions in processing carbonaceous rocks

T. N. Aleksandrova
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Mathematical statistics techniques and the data from laboratory mineral and technological studies of samples were used to identify the most common natural and technological associations of microelements in carbonaceous rocks which could be of industrial value if extracted in the form of commercial products. The discovered structures of spheroidal and ring ferrocarbonaceous clusters are respective formations of the class of metal fullerens with expressed magnetic properties. Such clusters may serve as construction blocks for new magnetic structures since each of them is a separate magnetic domain. Extracting such structures and their practical use opens the way to future technologies. It is expected to employ such results in the future in the course of designing new techniques and technologies for benefication of carbonaceous raw materials while developing comprehensively solid mineral resources in the mining industry regions of Russia. 

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