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N. I. Nikolaev, E. L. Leusheva Development of drilling fluids composition for efficiency increase of hard rocks drilling. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 219. p. 412. DOI: 10.18454/pmi.2016.3.412

Development of drilling fluids composition for efficiency increase of hard rocks drilling

N. I. Nikolaev E. L. Leusheva
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The article deals with ways of rock weakening for efficiency increase of hard rocks drilling, also development of drilling fluid composition is considered. Aim of the project is to develop drilling fluid composition which increases efficiency of hard rocks destruction. Authors conducted experimental investigation of drilling fluid composition development and their main structural rheological and filter characteristics. Influence of various solutions, including developed one, on hard rocks destruction process is evaluated on introduced testing bench. Investigation results indicate that composition and characteristics of developed drilling fluid positively influence hard rocks destruction process. Implementation of clayless drilling fluid with anion-active surfactant composition additives allows boost of drilling operations performance by increase in mechanical velocity of drilling and drill meterage per bit.

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