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A. G. Sekisov, Yu. I. Rubtsov, A. Yu. Lavrov Activation of heap leaching of low-sulfide ores the invisible gold. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 217. p. 96.

Activation of heap leaching of low-sulfide ores the invisible gold

A. G. Sekisov Yu. I. Rubtsov A. Yu. Lavrov
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This article deals with a physical-chemical model of heap leaching processes justifying new technological approaches to recovering dispersed forms of gold from ores, placer sands and deute-rogene mineral raw materials. The key process of this model includes lattice diffusion of high-energy hydrion minerals and hydroxyl-radicals formed as a result of photochemical and electro-chemical processing of initial reagent aqueous solutions. Active components of gas-water emulsions obtained while processing initial reagent solutions provide a structural and material trans-formation of a mineral lattice which concentrates clusters of dispersed gold creating conditions for its interacting with complexing compounds of process solutions. The article also considers the technological processes of activation heap leaching of dispersed gold from the Pogromnoe ore field and the results of the experiments conducted in percolators with their charge ranged from 3 to 100 kg. The results have proved the efficiency of using gas-water suspensions prepared in the pho-toelectrochemical reactor with active ion-radical oxidizing agents.

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