Experimental researches on metals extraction with organic solvents by new methods using liquid membranes

Mihaela Caltaru, Nicolae Petrescu


The hollow fibers supported liquid membrane, impregnated with M5640 organic solvent diluted in kerosen, is an attractive technique for copper recovery from industrial wastewater with low content of copper (500 ppm). The flow rates of the feed solution influence the membrane permeability. The optimum set of flow rates for the feed solution and for the strip solution have been established at 2080 ml/h and 6264 ml/h, respectively. In the above mentioned conditions one may consider that the resistance to mass transfer was near the minimum due to the small thickness of the diffusion boundary layer. 

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P.R. Danesi, A simplified model for coupled transport of metal ions through hollow-fiber supported liquid membranes, Journal of Membrane Science, 20, p. 231-248, 1984.


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