Interaction of power engineering and living environment in the Czech Republic

Zdeněk Galda, Kateřina Kubenková, Pavel Oravec


The Cideas scientific centre carries out a number of housing redevelopment studies. The studies concern complex building-energy and technical-functional conceptions of redevelopment of houses built in the second half of the last century by the series construction. Two objects from the Ostrava region were selected for the purpose of this paper, namely a panel house of T06B type series and a prefabricated framed structure building of MS-OB type. The conception of redevelopment was viewed from the aspect of construction heat engineering and energy consumption according to the Directive no. 2002/91/EC on the energy performance of buildings.

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ČSN 73 0540 Thermal protection of buildings (2005).

ČSN EN ISO 13789 Thermal performance of buildings (2002).

ČSN 06 0210 Calculation of heat losses in buildings with central heating (1994).


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