Examination of energy and force parameters during rolling process using longitudinal slitting passes

Mróz Sebastian, Dyja Henryk


Rolling of rods with slitting of the strip calls for the use of special mathematical models that would allow for the tearing of metal. For the numerical modelling of strip slitting and for the examination of energy and force parameters the Forge3® computer program was applied. The separation of the band is effected by means of separating rollers, whose shape must be properly designed to suit to the slitting pass. In the process of rolling with longitudinal strip splitting, the separating rollers are not driven. The energy and force parameters needed for the rollers to rotate derive from the driven working rolls. Therefore, the empirical relationships for the calculation of energy and force parameters, which are known from literature, cannot be employed for the proper determination of these parameters during rolling a band in the slitting pass and the separation itself. Using FEM-based computer programs for solving the problems of the theory of plasticity enables, in addition to determining the energy and force parameters in complex plastic working processes, also accounting for a number of process specificities, which are not provided for by the empirical formula.

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