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Sergey N. Stepanov, Tatyana Anatolievna Larionova, Sergey S. Stepanov (2020) Study of Aluminum Influence on the Adhesion of Stainless Steel in Flame Spraying. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 245. p. 591-598. DOI: 10.31897/PMI.2020.5.11

Study of Aluminum Influence on the Adhesion of Stainless Steel in Flame Spraying

Sergey N. Stepanov Tatyana Anatolievna Larionova Sergey S. Stepanov
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This paper is dedicated to a study of aluminum influence on the improvement of surface adhesion strength. The main purpose of this work is to investigate the strength of adhesion to the substrate by mixing flame spray powder with aluminum, which not only possesses high corrosion resistance and conductivity, but also provides additional strength, as it combines and reacts with other components of the powder. Research results of sandblasting dependence on surface roughness parameter Ra are demonstrated. The paper describes authors’ original device for a measuring instrument “Profilometer”, which was also used for measuring roughness parameter in order to obtain comparative results. Authors present results of adhesion measurements given obtained values of surface roughness by mixing nominal chemical composition of PR-30X13 powder, used as a testing material, with aluminum, which reacts with oxides on the surface of steel substrates, imparts strength to the bonding between the coating and the substrate, protects the base metal due to a combination of chemical components of the powder and creates a layer of dense surface coating. These dependencies are analyzed and parameters, exerting the greatest influence on their values, are identified. Taking into account the results obtained through numerical modeling, authors propose a mathematical model of a dependency between adhesion strength and certain values of surface roughness for different chemical compositions of flame spray powder. These studies will help in the development of certain material types for spraying and hardening of steel parts and products in order to improve their durability.

flame spraying surface roughness sand blasting measuring instrument mathematical model
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