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Eduard O. Timashev (2020) Method of calculating pneumatic compensators for plunger pumps with submersible drive. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 245. p. 582-590. DOI: 10.31897/PMI.2020.5.10

Method of calculating pneumatic compensators for plunger pumps with submersible drive

Eduard O. Timashev
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One of the most promising ways to improve the efficiency of mechanized oil production is a plunger pump with a submersible drive, which allows obtaining harmonic reciprocating movement of the plunger. In the pumping process of well products by plunger pumps, oscillations in the velocity and pressure of the liquid in the lifting pipes occur, which lead to an increase in cyclic variable loads on the plunger, a decrease in the drive life period and the efficiency of the pumping unit. To eliminate the pulsation characteristics of the plunger pump and increase the reliability indicators of the pumping unit (in particular, the overhaul period), pneumatic compensators can be used. A method for calculating the optimal technological parameters of a system of deep pneumatic compensators for plunger pumping units with a submersible drive, based on mathematical modeling of hydrodynamic processes in pipes, has been developed. Calculations of the forming flow velocity and pressure in the lifting pipes of submersible plunger units equipped with pneumatic compensators (PC) have been carried out. Influence of the PC technological parameters on the efficiency of smoothing the oscillations of velocity and pressure in the pipes has been analyzed. Non-linear influence of the charging pressure and PC total volume on the efficiency of their work has been established. Optimal pressure of PC charging, corresponding to the minimum pressure in the tubing during the pumping cycle for the considered section of the tubing, is substantiated. Two ultimate options of PC system placement along the lifting pipes are considered. In the first option, PC are placed sequentially directly at the outlet of the plunger pump, in the second - evenly along the lift. It is shown that the first option provides the minimum amplitude of pressure oscillations at the lower end of the tubing and, accordingly, variable loads on the pump plunger. Nature of the pressure and flow velocity oscillations in the tubing at the wellhead for both options of PC placement has similar values .

pumping unit with a submersible drive pressure oscillations smoothing of flow velocity pneumatic compensator viscous liquid technological parameters working pressure gas chamber volume interval of placement
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