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Dmitriy I. SHISHLYANNIKOV, Mikhail G. TRIFANOV, Gennadiy D. TRIFANOV (2020) “Ural-20R” combines loading drives evaluation in two-stage development of the face. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 242. p. 234. DOI: 10.31897/pmi.2020.2.234

“Ural-20R” combines loading drives evaluation in two-stage development of the face

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The technological features of the use of high-performance Ural-20R combines in the conditions of potash mines in Russia are described. It is shown that when the capacity of the worked potash seams is over 4 m, a two-layer ore extraction is used. The formation of cutting process, implemented by the second course of the combine in the treatment chamber, is carried out by an incomplete section of the executive bodies. The standard control system, display and protection of the Ural-20R combine does not allow monitoring and reliable estimation of the magnitude of dynamic components on the drives of the mining machine loads, as well as tracking the feed rate of the combine to the face. The regulation of the operating parameters and the assessment of the degree of loading of the drives of the excavating machine in real time are assigned to the operator. The fundamentals of the experimental research methodology for assessing the loading of drives of Ural-20R combines with the destruction of the potash mass by an incomplete section of the executive bodies are described. The device and the operating procedure of the “Vatur” software-recording complex, which measures, records and records the electrical parameters of the drive motors of a mining machine, is described. The process studies results of forming loads on drive elements of Ural-20R combines when mining a face with an incomplete section of executive bodies are presented. It is proved that the work of combine harvesters on the undercut of the formation with a high feed rate is accompanied by significant dynamic loads on the drives of planetary organs and an overload of the drives of the Berm organs, which leads to an accelerated consumption of the resource and emergency failures of the gearboxes and motors of the extraction machine.

“Ural-20R” combine loading drive unit mode of operation potash and magnesium ore mining
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