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Seyyed Shahab TABATABAEE MORADI, Nikolay I. NIKOLAEV, Tatiana N. NIKOLAEVA (2020) Development of spacer fluids and cement slurries compositions for lining of wells at high temperatures. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 242. p. 174. DOI: 10.31897/pmi.2020.2.174

Development of spacer fluids and cement slurries compositions for lining of wells at high temperatures

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Article is devoted to creation of new compositions of process solutions for lining of directional wells at high temperatures. Developed compositions provide high durability characteristics of cement stone. It is shown that with an increase in packing density of cementing slurry components durability characteristics increase and porosity and permeability of cement stone decrease, whereas an increase in temperature and pressure leads to a significant increase in compressive and bending durability, which is associated with presence of quartz in them. It has been established that introduction of special structure-forming additives to the composition of developed cementing solutions allows formation of sedimentation-resistant cement systems that can provide an increase in durability characteristics of cement stone and, in general, quality lining of directional wells. Study of rheological properties of developed cementing compositions showed that the systems have high yield strength at increased temperatures and pressures. Developed compositions of water-based spacer fluids increase the cleansing degree for both casing and rocks surfaces from mud and clay cake residues, which improves the cementing quality of oil and gas wells. Mechanism for increasing the washing ability of spacer fluids and durability characteristics of cement stone, depending on composition and properties of their constituent components, is disclosed.

cementing packing density directional well cement stone expansion sedimentation stability spacer fluid washing ability
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