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E. A. Rogov Development of the Composition of the Process Fluid to Eliminate Bit Seizure. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 237. p. 281. DOI: 10.31897/pmi.2019.3.281

Development of the Composition of the Process Fluid to Eliminate Bit Seizure

E. A. Rogov
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During well construction, one of the most complicated types of accidents is the bit seizure as a result of which oil and gas companies incur significant losses due to the abandonment of a portion of the drill string in the well, cutting of an additional wellbore, and sometimes loss of the well. In the case of the elimination of seizure due to packing a positive result can be achieved by pumping portions of the process fluid into the seizure area. Destruction of the packer during the physicochemical effect of the process fluid, in general, allows for complete or partial softening of the packer, changing the pressure in the seizure area and significantly reducing the force required to release the stuck tool. The article presents the results of laboratory studies on the effect of various compositions of process fluids on the packer to eliminate the bit seizure. The effectiveness of the packer destruction was estimated by reducing the tangential stresses after the physicochemical effect of various compositions of process fluids for the same period. A 10% aqueous solution of hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid with an addition of 0.5% surfactant alpha olefin sodium sulfonate is recommended as a process fluid to eliminate packer seizures.

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