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R. N. Safiullin, A. S. Afanasyev, V. V. Reznichenko (2019) The Concept of Development of Monitoring Systems and Management of Intelligent Technical Complexes. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 237. p. 322. DOI: 10.31897/pmi.2019.3.322

The Concept of Development of Monitoring Systems and Management of Intelligent Technical Complexes

R. N. Safiullin A. S. Afanasyev V. V. Reznichenko
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Conceptual approaches to improving the system of monitoring and managing the functional capabilities of intelligent technical complexes of buildings and transport and technological machines of mining enterprises are defined. Criteria are proposed for the efficiency of functioning of automatic systems for controlling the movement of transport-technological machines, taking into account the probabilistic nature of system-forming factors. The scheme of scientific and methodological research on the improvement of automation systems and traffic control in the automotive transport is presented. The perspective directions of the formation of control functions for the movement of vehicles based on the use of intelligent automated systems are substantiated. The stages of the life cycle of technical systems for monitoring the movement of vehicles, taking into account the features of their operation. A technique has been developed for the optimal use of technical means of control in the field of providing control and supervisory functions in the operation of vehicles, and the dependence of determining the financial costs of maintaining their efficiency has been determined.

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