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I. A. Pan'kov, V. Ya. Frolov Increase of electric power quality in autonomous electric power systems. Journal of Mining Institute. Vol 227. p. 563. DOI: 10.25515/pmi.2017.5.563

Increase of electric power quality in autonomous electric power systems

I. A. Pan'kov V. Ya. Frolov
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With the constant development of electronics for control and monitoring of the work for significant and important elements of electric power systems, the requirements to the quality of electric power also increase. The issues of increasing the quality of electricity are solved in the field of power supply systems, which are the backbone of any electric network, because of their wider distribution and usage, unlike the autonomous electric power systems. In turn, with the development of the marine and river fleet, as well as appearance of such a promising direction for mining operations, like the Arctic zone, the autonomous electric power plants become especially important. One of the main problems of such systems is an insufficient research of the problem of the quality of electric power. The article presents a model of an autonomous electric power system. To simulate such systems, the MathLab package with the Simulink application is being widely used. The developed model provides an assessment of the quality of electricity in it, a comparison of the assessment obtained in existing systems, and a modern solution is proposed to improve the quality of electricity.

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